Why Kamagra is The Bestselling Antiimpotency Medicine

Which is the bestselling anti-impotency medicine?

Kamagra is undoubtedly the bestselling anti-impotency medicine. Trusted by millions, this medicine has a remarkable sales record. It is a prescription medicine but doctors don’t hesitate in prescribing this drug to their people suffering from mild to severe impotency.

This anti-impotency pill is available at all leading medicine stores and it can also be bought online from web chemists. All one needs to do to buy this drug is produce a doctor’s prescription. One should have no problem in obtaining a prescription from this generic anti-impotency drug from one’s physician.

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This anti-impotency drug is a safe way to get rid of erectile dysfunction when you really need erection. The medicine has some side effects but there are no worries as the side effects are mild in nature. One may feel headache, upset stomach, flushing or diarrhea after taking the drug. If the side effects become uncomfortable then one should immediately see a doctor.

This medicine is available in 25mg, 50mg and 100mg dose and one should determine a dose after consulting a physician. Taking a light dose or a heavy dose can kill your purpose of taking the medicine. A mild dose won’t work and a high dose can create severe side effects that would discourage you from indulging in sexual activity.

Seniors and adults that are already taking some medicines for diabetes and other diseases should take anti-impotency drug with great care as this drug increases the blood flow that can result in hypertension or cardiac arrest.

How Kamagra works?

This anti-impotency drug calms the nerves and softens the arteries passing through penis. The arteries accumulate blood when it is pumped with high pressure. Accumulation of blood is seen as erected penis. The drug remain effected for up to four hours and one can enjoy sex anytime within the four hours time period.

The drug needs to be taken with light meal and it shouldn’t be taken an hour before lovemaking. For good results, one should try physical stimulation after taking the medicine. The pill takes at least 40 minutes to mix with blood and start working.

Kamagra works well when taken with light meal and the user abstains from alcohol, tobacco and nicotine. It is a wonderful drug for curing erectile dysfunction and the good thing is that it is available at cost effective price. You can buy a bottle of anti-impotency drug and enjoy your sex life to the full.